Dancing at Home

Dancing Alone and Together Again around the world
Keep on moving!
Here are several links to online music and various workshops (some in person, some via zoom) so that you can dance at home: alone, with your loved ones, your plants, your parakeets (they are good dancers if you've ever seen them on youtube) and any other sentient or non-sentient beings who bring you joy. Or, you can once again find dance community in person many places around the world.
Keep in touch, keep dancing!

Dance Your Bones on MixCloud - a few online waves created by us for our DYB dancers available until Oct 15, 2023 only!

Mixcloud - Elisa - online waves from Toronto by a certified 5R facilitator

Mixcloud - Tomares - online waves from Stuttgart

Mixcloud - Silvija  - online waves from Zagreb by a certified 5R facilitator

Dancefloor Jedi Project - livestream music & dances from England by a certified 5R facilitator

5Rhythms  - Gabrielle Roth's original ecstatic dance organization. Find worldwide teachers and classes

5Rhythms Toronto - classes offered by various 5R facilitators

Open Floor International - classes in the Open Floor tradition

Open Floor Ontario - Majero Bouman's workshops

Mixcloud - Majero - Majero's music journeys to stream

SoulMotion - a conscious dance practice founded by a former 5R teacher

Azul Conscious Movement - online resources and classes