Guidelines for Dancing

Dance Your Bones is a movement practice.

Dance in bare feet or soft-soled shoes. Socks are slippery.

Take care of your own body. Pace yourself. Don’t do stuff that hurts.

Stay connected to the music.

There is no right way to do this. Dance as if no one is watching.

Keep moving. Even if it is tiny, even if you are lying down.


Keep your eyes open for safety.

Be aware of others in the space.
Connect with them as it naturally happens, then let it go.

Give yourself permission to experiment. Be ugly, be different,
be wild or angry or childlike; in other words, surprise yourself and others.

Witness, both yourself and others, with curiosity and without judgment.
Try to accept different ways of moving and being in the space.

Please respect and celebrate each other regardless of age,
ability, style, or difference of any kind.

Emotions are welcome. Just keep moving. Things will shift. Go for it.

Know where to get support outside DYB for emotions or 
personal issues that the dance brings up for you.

In ecstatic dance, we generally connect with our eyes, our energy, 
and our intention to see and be seen. Physical contact can be okay, 
with permission from the other person in advance, and without holding or constraining in any way.

Copycat is okay! In fact, it’s good! It’s a way of honouring each other’s dance.

Don’t like the music? Do your “I hate this music” dance. Try it!!!

What happens at DYB, stays at DYB.
Respect everyone’s privacy.
It’s okay to share your personal experiences with the dance
without naming, judging or sharing information about other dancers.