Upcoming Workshops

Majero returns once a month: Sept/Oct/Nov 2019.

Majero Bouman describes herself as a dancer for life. She grew up in a dancing family, her mum runs the longest standing dance school in Toronto. Majero became an academic and did her doctorate in literature and cultural theory. She is now an almost-graduated Open Floor dance teacher. “I teach moving meditation. It is a good fun sweaty dance practice that recognizes that every experience we’ve had lives in our bodies.  By allowing our bodies to move and practicing mindfulness in that process, we can unlock and build our capacity to be with whatever is happening in the moment.”

The great news is that Majero is coming to Dance Your Bones in Peterborough. She’ll be at All Saints Church Hall (SW corner of Rubidge & Sherbrooke) once a month on:

Thursdays: Sept 12, Oct 10, Nov 14

6:15-8 pm


“I am going to play 90 mins of music that allows you to both have some fun and touch something new.”